Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Best Music Video Ever Made

The song's not bad either.

The Avalanches
Frontier Psychiatrist


Squiddy said...

Wow, perhaps you are right! I died seeing that old man's head on a turtle blody!! Twisted and surreal in a way I can relate.

Now I need to make a list of the best actual music videos I've ever seen. A new blog devoted only to music, no more of this filthy and pathetic political garbage. I'm voing for turtle man anyway, in the hopes he'll choose Goddess Bunny as his running mate.

Squiddy said...

Hey, why will it not let me post?!

Anyway, that was trippy and surreal in a way I can relate, where'd you find this?

I died when they showed the old man's head on a turtle body!!!

Now I gotta make a list of the best music videos EVER. I'll need to start a new blog about it. I'm sick of politics at this conjuncture.

Craig said...

Hey, LeeAnn. When I first got a satellite dish, MTV2 was actually playing a real eclectic mix of music. This was one of the songs in their rotation and I always thought it was a cool video. The turtle man is what sold me on it too. There was a delay in your comment being posted because I have comment moderation turned on. That way, no SPAMbots can post.