Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here are a couple of cool things I found floating around YouTube.

This is Squeeze doing John Lennon's Cold Turkey. I've been a Squeeze fan since the 80s and I never knew they covered this song.

This one is Radiohead doing Paranoid Android from their O.K. Computer album. The arrangement is pretty elaborate and they make it seem effortless.

The other day, I watched the Martin Scorsese movie called Shine a Light which was a Rolling Stones concert film. I like the Stones right up until about Tattoo You. After that, they seemed to be doing a passable Rolling Stones impression. Still, I wanted to see this film. It was well made, but my biggest beef is that Mick just doesn't sing anymore. He yells. He used to have a silky, smooth voice and he threw the yelling in for good effect. Now he yells all the time.

However there were three highlights in the concert. One was when Buddy Guy came out to perform Muddy Waters' Champagne and Reefer:

The next was when Jack White (of the White Stripes) came out and joined the band for Loving Cup:

For the final highlight, Cristina Aguilera came out for the song, Live With Me:

Finally, last year VH1 did an honors special featuring Elvis Costello. In addition to his own material, he did a Fiona Apple song and she in turn did one of his. It is perhaps his most twisted and insane love song and there is no one more suited to perform it than the twisted and insane Fiona Apple:

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