Monday, March 26, 2007

Five Pounds

That's right, I lost five pounds this week, woo hoo! That means I'm down to 206. I excercised every weekday last week, and I followed the Weight Watchers point system pretty well. I think I got my focus back.


Squiddy said...

Hey, I hope you don't mind me looking around here, I'm just the other half of your buddy George. How's Shauna?

Squiddy said...

Also, good luck on this whole weight thing. Not that you're fat, though. George also thinks of himself as fat and he totally is NOT.

I'm fat for sure, but I'm 7 months pregnant and am allowed to be.

Too bad you can't nurse, it's a great weight loss technique. Although some web sites will tell ya a man can rig it to happen... if you don't mind being weird or creepy.

Old Man C said...

Glad to see you're back on the horse. Contrary to the wife's POV, I'm huge these days. Sucks, too. Got any WW materials you want to share?

PS, How'd you find me?

Craig said...

Pregnancy isn't the same thing as fat, although I did know a woman who worked with Shauna years ago who used it as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted. She got actual fat, not just pregnant.

I was a WW online member for a while, but I had so little self-control, I decided not to pay for it anymore. I have a little calculator thingy Weight Watchers sells. I bought it on eBay. You can also get their other stuff (manuals and points guides) on eBay.

I found you via MySpace. I think LeeAnn had a link to her blog on her myspace and from there I found you. I'm a regular Magnum PI.